Nomad Key and Kero Nomad

It’s the battle of the Nomads! The two contenders step out into the area and flex their bodies. The Nomad Key has the right angles but the Kero Nomad is sleek and slender. Who will take the the honour of charging Princess iPhone tonight? Read on..

The need for these

I tend to play around with my phone. A lot. I check for app updates, new apps, download music, watch videos, check emails, delete emails, shoot videos, upload videos, etc. Sometimes I find myself running out of juice and I pull out my power bank only to be greeted by a 1m lightning cable that looks plain ungainly on a neatly arranged desk. I wanted something more easy to carry that would fit in my pockets and would do the job of supplying nutrients to my power hungry phone. After some research, I found the Nomad Key and the Kero Nomad. They are not cousins or half brothers. They simply happen to share some common alphabets. What they do is provide an attractive solution to anyone that needs to connect their phone to a power bank or an USB outlet.

First up, the Nomad Key

Nomad is a company that prides itself on innovation and quality. These qualities project brightly from the beautifully designed and built Nomad Key.

Nomad Key
                    Nomad Key

As the name suggests, it’s roughly the size of an average key and is meant to be part of your keyring. One end has a standard USB and the other a lightning port, which is at an angle to the rest of the device. It’s made of a rubbery material that feels really solid to the touch and doesn’t seem like it will fray, bend or break anytime soon. The Nomad Key can be bent to suit the angles required between your phone and USB outlet, but will spring back into the original form once disconnected. It can be used to charge and sync any Apple device and is MFi certified. So that gives me additional peace of mind. It works like it’s advertised – charges your phone. I personally haven’t noticed any boost or lag in charging speeds.

It’s a very convenient option to carry when you don’t want a tangled mess in your bag or pocket.

Come on up, Kero Nomad

To satiate my charging needs, I also got one from Kero. This one is called the Nomad. It has no weird angles and houses an USB port at one end and a micro USB port at the other. The reason I got micro USB is I have some devices that need this monstrosity of a design to charge up. I hate the micro USB. It’s ugly and a pain to slot in correctly when can’t see where the port is.

Kero Nomad
                 Kero Nomad

The Kero comes with two caps for either end and also feels very sturdy and well built. The use of high quality rubber lends itself to the cause and doesn’t seem frail by any means. Again, no discernible advantage or lag in charging speeds, but offers the same convenience as the Nomad Key for hassle free charging. I plan to use this for my iPhone by adding on the lightning adapter from Apple.

So, how?

I’d recommend both. The pair of them are available for iPhones and in micro USB configurations, so it’s up to you to pick which ones you want. They are both well built and seem to be able to last a long time. The Nomad Key looks and feels more premium than the Kero and hence charges a premium. I picked up the Nomad Key from Amazon for USD 25 and the Kero Nomad for USD 10 and had them shipped on VPost.

An alternate would be the Belkin Mixit cable, which is also a very short lightning cable. It is available at most Apple branded stores – Infinite, iStudio, NuBox, etc and retails for about SGD 22. I’ll do a separate super quick review on that soon.

Sunglasses Storage Box

Given my inherent love for all things vision correcting and protecting, I needed something to protect them from the elements – read, my son trying them on at weird angles.

The first storage box I got was at the Marina Bay Sands, at a kiosk store near the Oculus where they simulate a waterfall, or a drain as it looks to my unartistic eyes. That’s why I need the vision correction, people.

The name of the store was Orient Crown and the storage box was beautiful. Finished in wood, with solid wooden dividers inside that hold 5 pairs of glasses. It feels very solid, quite heavy to the lift and looks very classy. The box has a lock included that can keep any 5-8 year old out and the key is a throwback to the olden times meaning it looks cool and like an antique.

Orient Crown Sunglass Storage
Orient Crown Sunglass Storage

I grew out of this box and I wanted another one but I couldn’t quite remember the name of the place. They had disappeared without a trace. I thus began my own Amazing Race trying to find the name of the shop. I searched all kinds of combinations on Google, Bing and even Duck Duck Go. No luck. I called MBS and I asked them the name and they said something that sounded like “Fat chance, you’re stuck with your cases that came with your sunnies”.

Amazon to the rescue!?

With a forlorn face, I turned to Amazon. My saviour in times of materialistic needs. Being the impatient guy you know I am, I ordered for a box from Tech Swiss that shipped direct to Singapore. I was billed a grand sum of $138 for the case that would hold 6 pairs.

I got the order a day earlier than expected ( 4 days in total). It was a decent looking box finished in what I assume is a distant, estranged cousin of leather, but it feels like leather but doesn’t feel like leather. Catch my drift? The company says its leather, but that’s an argument for another day when I have nothing better to do.

This too comes with a lock and key, the dividers aren’t as solid as the Orient Crown, but they more than accomplish the job of holding my glasses and looking good on the dresser. The top part is see through plastic, but mine didn’t line up exactly with the bottom part. Small niggle, but I don’t mind. Overall, I’m quite happy with the product and would recommend it but not via direct priority shipping to Singapore.

As I was putting this case away, I found the words etched into the other case – ORIENT CROWN. That’s how I know the name of the place! I checked out their Facebook page and I see that they have a beautiful 16 storage box for about $240. It may well become the new fortress for my glasses.

What’s the score, bro?

So, verdict time. I highly highly recommend the Orient Crown storage case. It’s pricey but worth the money. I paid about $120 I think, because it was on sale at that time. It’s well made and should outlast any pair of glasses. The Orient Crown takes the crown (pun unexpected) for being a well put together piece of wood.

The Tech Swiss one is a decent buy, but not the best. I’m satisfied with it but not over the moon. If you only need a good looking storage case, go for it. But don’t waste your money on shipping direct if you buy from Amazon.

B&O H3 Earphones

Yo, this is the B&O, the bass is nice and low..

I’m glad I didn’t choose a career as a hip hop artist, but I have something in common with that community. We both listen to music. Welcome to a review of the B&O H3 earphones. 

A nicely packaged box with the words B&O caught my hawk like eyes during a casual stroll at the Westgate mall. I was in the market for a nice pair of earphones and while I had thoroughly enjoyed my A-Jays Five, I’d lost them somewhere.

The Bang & Olufsen H3s lent themselves nicely to my cause and I bought them without even testing them. That’s because the Musica store didn’t let me. 

Upon reaching home, I ripped out the package and thrust them into my ear canal and turned on my playlist. And no, you will never get to know what’s on my playlist – it’s just embarassing. 

They sounded real good. The bass was just at the right levels for me, the midrange was clear and the treble sounded just right. The included tips fit very comfortably and I’m glad they did because it means I don’t have to get the Comply ones anymore. 

Listening to music on these little cans is a true pleasure. Music sounds like I want them to and I thoroughly enjoy listening to all genres – R&B, rock, soul, pop, classical, Eurotrash, white noise, etc. The noise cancelling works to a certain level but it’s not a true noise cancelling pair. 

The earphones are finished in a very nice gold colour that’s not too out there and there are 21 precision drilled holes that B&O says improves the listening experience. 

One major problem I had was the interference from the wires and the jack. They just didn’t seem to fit very well into my iPhone and they started to crackle and pop. One day they just stopped working. I took them over to Ban Leong on Ubi Avenue, who are the authorised service people, and they replaced them after a quick test. The new ones function superbly and I’ve had no issues since. The included carrying case must be one of the best ever designed for earphones. They feel solid, finished in a leathery material and hold your investment quite nice and safe. 

Verdict: It’s a B&O and that says a lot. It sounds very good and looks classy. I’m worried about the wires being too frail. A quick yank and they seem to be ones to tear out. Don’t think I’ll test that fact. 

Glasses from

Have you ever wanted something so bad that the want manifests itself as physical symptoms? I’ve had an addiction to spectacle frames for the past few years. Unlike many others, I secretly wished for a retinal deficiency that would allow me to sport colourful, high end vision correction contraptions.

On one such jaunt for a fix, I started to lust for a pair of Tom Ford and one from Mercedes Benz. They looked brilliant and they felt like my eyes were being smothered by angel’s wings. Alright, not angels or their wings, but you get my drift.

Tom Ford FT5295
Tom Ford FT5295

Needed an alternative..

But this being Singapore, the prices were as usual inflated to the level of the Goodyear blimp – correct comparison? I guess not, but the prices were insane. On any other day, I would’ve paid the $900 and walked away. But I’ve begun coming to my senses lately and I got hold of this website –

They have a presence all over the world with localised websites. It seemed shifty at first having a name like that, but you guys are reading this on and that says something for a name! So I didn’t want to be prejudiced and went ahead with my order, albeit after checking some reviews of this site online.

The Singapore site didn’t ship with lenses and I wanted lenses. I didn’t want to pay the marked up prices in Singapore, so I had them shipped to my home in India. They arrived as promised, in very good condition. I had the lenses made in India, at 35% of the price in Singapore and had them shipped over here.

So what’s the verdict?

I would highly recommend the site if you know what glasses you are looking for. They offer terrific savings over a brick and mortar store and seem very reliable. I got the frames for less than 50% of the retail price in Singapore. You can check out the prices at

Mi 5000 mAH Powerbank Review

This is one of my usual reviews – short and defining (what’s than even supposed to mean?) of a Mi Powerbank 5000 mAH. 

The Powerbank is sleek, finished in some sort of aluminium (I think?). It has 4 LEDs that shows the amount of charge left. The packaging is eerily reminiscent of Apple.

It comes with a micro USB charging cable and takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. That’s that about the features.

It does a satisfactory job charging up my phone and it seems to stay true to the 5000 mAH claim. I was able to get close to 2 full charges on my iPhone 6S Plus. It however, charges the phone very slowly when compared to my other powerbanks (Anker, M.Craftsman and Valore).

Verdict: Jam it in a bottle or chuck it? I’m going to hold on for a while and see how it does. If it continues to charge my phone up at the same rate as it does, it will become a well thought gift to a deserving someone – cue, evil laugh!

I paid $20 for it, but I reckon it can be had cheaper if you look around.

Prescription Lens in 30 minutes in Singapore

I’m an impatient man. If I invest in a pair of spectacle frames, I expect instant gratification. I hate nothing more than paying for something and being unable to use it immediately.

I thought the only option to get instant prescription lens for spectacles was at OwnDays. The quality is good, but not the best.

Recently, I’ve had a very good buying experience at Northern Opticians, Paragon. They make prescription Zeiss lenses in 30 minutes! They are very good quality and the people there are fantastic. I paid about $300 for a 1.6 index pair.

The after sales service is outstanding. I walked in two weeks later with my Porsche Design frame, that was losing its colour. They didn’t ask me for a receipt, since they had it on record. They took the frame back without question and had it replaced in a week.

Brilliant job, guys!

Now you know where to go if you need high quality lens in 30 minutes.

Camelbak Eddy Spout Replacement

Tried to find a replacement spout for my son’s Camelbak water bottle. Turns out that Camelbak does not sell replacements in Singapore, forcing customers to buy new bottles every time!

I’ve checked with sports stores in Orchard and Takashimaya, only to be told the same answer.

There are a few online retailers selling them, but are they trustworthy?

[UPDATED] iOS App Store & iTunes down on Singtel Wifi

UPDATE: The issue seems to have been fixed by Singtel. More to come if it resurfaces.

I’ve been facing issues for a few days now when I try to download or update content from the iOS app store or iTunes. I have a Singtel 500 Mbps fibre connection at home and an 8 MB update takes 10 hours to download.

The same sized update downloads in less than 10 seconds on LTE. Upon contacting Singtel via Twitter, it now seems to be a node/server issue, not isolated to Singtel.

They are working on resolving the issue and if you are reading this, I share your frustration.

Subtitle Issues

Have you wanted to throw your remote at the TV when you particularly wanted the subtitles to work on your TV? Fret not, Jammi’s here! When you connect your external media and play a movie from a USB drive, external hard disk, etc just make sure the movie file and the subtitle file are in the same folder.

Now that the hard part’s out of the way, the final step is to rename the movie files and the subtitle file with the exact same names.

Example: darthvaderlikesme.mp4 and

Voila! You are now on your way to teletext heaven. Note that colored subs do not work on my Samsung TV. They show up as an RGB or pantone reference.